BI Presidential Scholarship: 2023 in Norway for International students 


The application period for the BI Presidential Scholarship in Norway for 2023 is now open. International Norway Scholarships are available to all international students from across the world. 

The Norwegian Business School opened in 1943. It is the largest school in Norway and the second largest in Europe. More than 20,000 domestic and international students are now enrolled in the institution.

Those who want a free Master of Science degree in Norway can apply.

Scholarships are available from the Norwegian Business School to both domestic and international students. International students get tuition fees and stipends every semester for up to two years, but native students only get tuition fees for two-year degree programs. 

The Norwegian Business School will be offering these scholarships. Additionally, candidates may apply to the university’s engineering, science, and information technology departments. 

These financed scholarships are available up to the master’s degree level. 

Scholarship details

  • University: Norwegian Business School
  • Grade level: Master’s
  • Scholarship perks: Tuition Fee and Stipend
  • Qualified nationality: National & International
  • Awarding Country: Norway

Financial Rewards 

Students from Norway 

If the student meets the criteria for academic progression, the scholarship will cover the entire cost of tuition for each semester for up to two years. 

Students from abroad: 

If a student meets the criteria for academic progression, the scholarship will cover the cost of all tuition costs as well as a stipend for living expenses for up to two years. 

Total number of scholarship

For the academic year that starts in the fall of 2020, there are up to 20 scholarships for students from outside Norway and up to 10 scholarships for Norwegian students. 

Eligibility prerequisites 

  • Candidates that apply for and are accepted into a Master of Science program must have a GPA of A on the ECTS scale or a comparable top grade on an international grade scheme. 
  • In their third year, students currently enrolled in BI’s Sivilkonom program are qualified to apply. 
  • Candidates with Master of Science programs are eligible to apply for the BI Presidential Scholarship.

Criteria for Academic Progression 

  • All applicants must continue to advance academically to keep their scholarships. 
  • There has to be a Complete academic progression (30 ECTS) for every semester. 
  • After each academic semester, a minimum BI ECTS cumulative GPA of “B” is required. 
  • The recipients of the BI Presidential Scholarship are expected to serve as “BI Ambassadors,” serving as spokespeople and aiding in recruitment efforts while fostering a positive learning environment. The Scholarship Contract will contain specific information about obligations. 

Deadline for application 

The last day to apply for the BI Presidential Scholarship in Norway for International Students is March 1, 2023. 


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The BI Presidential Scholarship application process 

Students can apply online for the BI Presidential Scholarship 2023 in Norway. To apply for the award, follow the directions provided below.

  • Write a one-page maximum scholarship application letter stating why you deserve the scholarship and how your grades make you eligible for consideration. 
  • When submitting your admissions application online, upload the scholarship application letter. 
  • Students in their third year, currently enrolled in BI’s Sivk program, may apply by emailing the scholarship application letter to  

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