How to Apply for Berea College Fully funded Scholarship Award for International Students in the USA, 2023

The Berea College fully funded scholarship award application portal is open to all interested students who desire to study in the United States.

This scholarship award is mainly for international students willing to commence an undergraduate degree study at the University for the 2023/2024 academic year.

The Berea College Scholarship perks include a full tuition fee, free room, board, etc.

Established in 1855, the Berea College is one of the best universities in the world which grant fully funded scholarships to outstanding international students.

Berea College is globally known for welcoming students from different countries, religious faiths, races, ethnicities, background, etc. Getting admission to Berea College is not easy, but you have a good chance if you meet the proposed entry requirements.

Courses Applicable:

  • Biology
  • Arts
  • Business
  • Computer Science
  • Nursing
  • For more details on other majors, click here

Scholarship Perks:

The Berea College fully funded Scholarship offers the following:

  • Berea College offers a free tuition fee, accomodation, books, etc.
  • It offers summer jobs to international students so that they may settle some of their expenses.
  • Additional financial aid is offered to students to settle some of their educational expenses.
  • The recipients of this scholarship program are offered a paid, on-campus job through the College’s Work Program during their academic year.

Berea College Scholarship Selection Criteria

The following eligibility criteria must be met before students can apply for the Berea College fully funded Scholarship award:

  • English language is the required language for this scholarship program
  • All international students are eligible to apply for this scholarship program
  • Applicants should provide at least one official score from one of the following: IELTS, ACT TOEFL or SAT.
  • Applicant’s official secondary school records.
  • Applicant’s Personal Statement of Financial Situations.
  • Applicants should upload Admission Recommendation forms, and one of it must be written by a current or former teacher.


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How To Apply

  1. In August, make sure you complete the Berea College admission application for International students.
  2. Make sure you scribe a Personal Essay. It should be at least, 2 to 5 pages.
  3. Copies of applicant’s official secondary school records.


  1. Carefully read the requirements to check if your eligible here.
  2. Click here to proceed with the online application form.
  3. Mail the application form and send it with other requirements to Berea College Office of Admissions (209) Chestnut Street, Berea, KY 40403 USA.

Scholarship Closes: January 15, 2023

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This scholarship program is open to all qualified from around the world who desire to be great in their careers. Students whose academic records are outstanding will be considered for the scholarship awards.



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