Baze University School Fees For 2023/2024 Academic Session

Many people believe that Baze University School fees are too costly; the good news is that the school has a payment plan for those who cannot pay at once. Baze University is a private University located in Federal Capital Territory, Abuja.


You would agree with me if I said the University is one of the most expensive private universities yet still accessible. Are you wondering how?

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Baze University, through its unique flexible payment method, their students are allowed to pay their fees in six installments. However, the payment must be complete before the commencement of the examination. Regarding quality education that suits the international standard, Base University comes to mind of many Nigerians who can not afford to send their ward or go to oversee schooling. Like every other university in the world, Baze University’s school fees differ depending on the Level, faculties, departments and programmes you are in for.

Below is the schedule approved by the school for the 2023/2024 academic season

Baze University School Fees For Undergraduate 2023/2024 Academic Session

Baze University School fees for Undergraduates vary, but the school has a uniformity of prices at the faculty level, meaning once you are in a faculty, all departments within the faculty pay the same amount as School fees. Here is how it looks that makes the Baze University School Fees stand out and accessible.


Management and Social Sciences







B.Sc Accounting NGN 1,497,375.00
B.Sc Business Management NGN 1,497,375.00
B.Sc Banking and Finance NGN 1,497,375.00
B.Sc Economics NGN 1,497,375.00
B.Sc Marketing NGN 1,497,375.00
B.Sc Insurance and Actuarial Science NGN 1,497,375.00
B.Sc Public Administration NGN 1,497,375.00
B.Sc International Relations and Diplomacy NGN 1,497,375.00
B.Sc Psychology NGN 1,497,375.00
B.Sc Mass Communication NGN 1,497,375.00
B.Sc Sociology and Anthropology NGN 1,497,375.00
B.Sc Political Science NGN 1,497,375.00


LLB Law NGN 1,663,750.00
B.Sc Public and International Law NGN 1,663,750.00
B.Sc Private and Commercial Law NGN 1,663,750.00

Computer Science and Information Technology



B.Sc Computer Science NGN 1,497,375.00
B.Sc Information Technology NGN 1,497,375.00
B.Sc Information Systems Management NGN 1,497,375.00
B.Sc Communication Technology NGN 1,497,375.00
B.Sc Software Engineering NGN 1,497,375.00
B.Sc Computing for Business NGN 1,497,375.00
B.Sc Cyber Security NGN 1,497,375.00
General Studies



General Studies NGN 1,125,000.00
B.Sc Foundation Business NGN 1,000,000.00
Foundation Computing & IT NGN 1,000,000.00
Foundation LAW NGN 1,000,000.00
Foundation Sciences NGN 1,000,000.00
Interim Joint Matriculation Board Examination NGN 700,000.00
Joint Universities Preliminary Examination Board NGN 1,000,000.00



Natural and Applied Sciences

B.Sc Physics with Computing NGN 1,497,375.00
B.Sc Petroleum Chemistry NGN 1,497,375.00
B.Sc Biological Sciences NGN 1,497,375.00
B.Sc Financial Mathematics NGN 1,497,375.00
B.Sc Microbiology NGN 1,497,375.00
B.Sc Biotechnology NGN 1,497,375.00
B.Sc Biochemistry NGN 1,497,375.00
B.Sc Biotechnology NGN 1,497,375.00






B.Eng Civil Engineering NGN 1,663,750.00
B.Eng Mechanical Engineering NGN 1,663,750.00
B.Eng Petroleum and Gas Engineering NGN 1,663,750.00
B.Eng Telecommunication Engineering NGN 1,663,750.00
B.Eng Computer Engineering NGN 1,663,750.00
B.Eng Electrical and Electronics NGN 1,663,750.00
B.Eng Chemical Engineering NGN 1,663,750.00
B.Eng Mechatronics Engineering NGN 1,663,750.00





Environmental Sciences

B.Sc Architecture NGN 1,663,750.00
B.Sc Urban and Regional Planning NGN 1,663,750.00
B.Sc Estate Management NGN 1,663,750.00
B.Sc Building NGN 1,663,750.00
B.Sc Surveying and Geo-informatics NGN 1,663,750.00
B.Sc Quantity Surveying NGN 1,663,750.00

Medical and Health Sciences


B.Sc Human Anatomy NGN 1,663,750.00
B.Sc Human Physiology NGN 1,663,750.00
Medical Laboratory Science (BMLS) NGN 1,663,750.00
B.Sc Public Health NGN 1,663,750.00
B.Sc Radiography and Radiation Science NGN 1,663,750.00

School of Medicine




Medicine and Surgery (MBBS)

100 Level

NGN 1,663,750.00
Medicine and Surgery (MBBS)

200 Level

NGN 2,495,625.00
Medicine and Surgery (MBBS)

300 Level

NGN 2,495,625.00
Medicine and Surgery (MBBS)

400 Level

NGN 3,320,625.00

Please Note: The tuition fees are subject to change by the university’s authority. The tuition change can be as a result of economic situations in the country or the introduction of new systems that will lead to a more efficient learning environment. However, the authority reaches out to students and parents/guardians if there is any new development regarding the tuition cost.

Baze University School Fees For Postgraduate

M.Sc Economics NGN 2,530,000.00
M.Sc Mass Communication NGN 2,530,000.00
M.Sc Chemistry NGN 2,530,000.00
M.Sc Sociology NGN 2,530,000.00
M.Sc International Relations And Diplomacy NGN 2,530,000.00
M.Sc Animal and Environmental Science NGN 2,530,000.00
M.Sc Parasitology NGN 2,530,000.00
M.Sc Management NGN 2,530,000.00
Masters of Business Administration (MBA) NGN 3,080,000.00
M.Sc Computer Science NGN 2,530,000.00
M.Sc Public Administration NGN 2,530,000.00
LLM Law NGN 2,750,000.00
M.Sc Accounting NGN 2,530,000.00
M.Sc Intelligence and Global Security NGN 2,530,000.00
M.Sc Security, Leadership and Society NGN 2,530,000.00
PGD Economics NGN 1,200,000.00
Ph.D International Relations and Diplomacy NGN 4,500,000.00
PGD Business Management NGN 1,200,000.00
PGD Accounting NGN 1,200,000.00
PGD Chemistry NGN 1,200,000.00
PGD Computer Science NGN 1,200,000.00
PGD International Relations and Diplomacy NGN 1,200,000.00
PGD Law NGN 1,300,000.00
PGD Mass Communication NGN 1,200,000.00
PGD Public Administration NGN 1,200,000.00
PGD Sociology and Anthropology NGN 1,200,000.00
Ph.D Accounting NGN 4,500,000.00
Ph.D Biology NGN 4,500,000.00
Ph.D Business Management NGN 4,500,000.00
Ph.D Chemistry NGN 4,500,000.00
Ph.D Computer Science NGN 4,500,000.00
Ph.D Economics NGN 4,500,000.00
Ph.D Law NGN 4,500,000.00
Ph.D Mass Communication NGN 4,500,000.00
Ph.D Public Administration NGN 4,500,000.00
Ph.D Sociology and Anthropology NGN 4,500,000.00
Ph.D Petroleum and Gas Engineering NGN 4,500,000.00
M.Eng Petroleum and Gas Engineering NGN 2,750,000.00
M.Eng Civil Engineering NGN 2,750,000.00
M.Sc Civil Engineering NGN 2,750,000.00
Ph.D Mechanical Engineering NGN 4,500,000.00
M.Eng Mechanical Engineering NGN 2,750,000.00
PGD Mechanical Engineering NGN 1,200,000.00
PGD Electrical and Electronics Engineering NGN 1,200,000.00
M.Eng Electrical and Electronics Engineering NGN 2,750,000.00
Ph.D Electrical and Electronics Engineering NGN 4,500,000.00
PGD Computer Engineering NGN 1,200,000.00
M.Eng Computer Engineering NGN 2,750,000.00
Ph.D Computer Engineering NGN 4,500,000.00
PGD Civil Engineering NGN 1,200,000.00
PGD Petroleum and Gas Engineering NGN 1,200,000.00
M.Sc Clinical Psychology NGN 2,530,000.00
M.Sc Quantity Surveying (Project Management) NGN 2,750,000.00
M.Sc Microbiology NGN 2,530,000.00
PGD Psychology NGN 1,200,000.00

NOTICE PLEASE: One-Off Caution fee deposit of NGN 20,000.00 is requested for Undergraduates, while a One-Off Admission Process fee of NGN 20,000.00 is requested for both undergraduate and postgraduate students this should be paid at the point of paying Baze University School Fees .

Baze University Hostel Accommodation

Although Baze University does not have compulsory accommodation for its students, it provides a suitable and comfortable hostel for those who wish to stay on campus, which we can call Home Away From Home.Baze Accommodation Fees

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Baze University campus accommodation options are structured with the utmost consideration for the student’s welfare. Students will be housed in either one-person or two-person per rooms hostel accommodation. The cost will depend on the number of students sharing and the nature of the facilities. Private accommodation. Read more here


Hostel Fee(Boys) NGN 393,476.88 (Per Semester)
Hostel Fee(Girls) NGN 472,172.26 (Per Semester)
Hostel Fee (Single Room) NGN 786,953.75 (Per Semester)
Hostel MBBS NGN 590,215.30 (Per Semester)
Hostel MBBS – GIRLS NGN 708,258.38 (Per Semester)
Laundry (Optional) NGN 60,000.00 (Per Semester)
NGN 90,000.00 (Per Semester) for MBBS Students (200L and above)

NOTE: At Baze University, feeding is optional, and it goes for NGN 400,000 per academic year


Does Baze University have a hostel?

Yes! There is a hostel at Baze University for their students. 

Does Baze University have a gym?

Yes! At Baze University, there is an array of sporting activities provided for their students which GYM is not left behind.

Is Baze University MBBS accredited?

MBBS, like other courses at Baze University, has been officially Accredited and Approved by the National Universities Commission(NUC) Nigeria.

Is There Scholarship At Baze University?

No! Baze University does not have a provision for any scholarship for now.

What are the School fees for International Students?

There is no discrimination in Baze University School fees; both domestic students and international students pay the same school fees.



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